Protecting Your Rights When You Are Facing Criminal Charges

Getting charged with a criminal offense in Boyd County or the surrounding counties can be a frightening event. Whether it is your first, second or third charge, each situation is new. There may be different penalties attached to the charges as well.

Even if you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense, it is important for you to know that having either charge on your criminal record can negatively affect your life. When employers and landlords run background checks on candidates, these reports identify candidates with felony or misdemeanor charges, which can limit job or housing opportunities. As a result, one failure in judgment can negatively affect your future for years.

Since 1993, Ashland's Wilson, Stavros, Rowsey & Thomas has been defending our clients' rights in Kentucky criminal courts. We know that people make mistakes. We also believe that your future should not be held hostage by one charge. This is why we will fight your charges in court.

Creating Aggressive Strategies For A Range Of Charges

When you work with our firm, you will be partnered with a team of experienced legal professionals that has decades of experience. Our criminal defense attorneys have helped thousands of individuals throughout the state.

As a result of our rich background in this field, we handle many complex criminal cases, including:

  • DUI and drug charges
  • Assault
  • Weapons charges
  • Theft and burglary charges
  • Identity theft
  • Juvenile crimes

Our team firmly believes that our clients are innocent until proven guilty. No matter what the charge, we will treat you with the dignity you deserve. We strive to educate all of our clients throughout the legal process, so you do not have to worry about being left in the dark as we pursue justice on your behalf.

Worried About The Impact A Charge Will Have On Your Future? Speak To A Knowledgeable Lawyer Today.

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