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Offering A Wide Range Of Estate Planning Services

For over 25 years, the estate planning attorneys at Wilson, Stavros, Rowsey & Thomas, have guided our clients through administrating wills and the estate planning process. Our team of seasoned lawyers has decades of experience in setting order to our clients’ affairs. We take pride in the straightforward manner in which we design plans that efficiently transfer possessions to the appropriate parties.

When you retain our services, we will work together to explain the steps involved in setting up an estate plan that is right for you. We will explain how to structure your plan so there is a smooth transfer of assets and the possibility of conflicts between your heirs is minimized.

Efficient, Reliable Property Transfer With Wills And Trusts

Our Ashland firm offers extensive estate planning and probate services. The two primary legal instruments in estate planning are wills and trusts.

A will contains a detailed list of your assets and names heirs who will receive those assets upon your passing. Wills should be as detailed and clearly worded as possible to avoid any confusion or disputes among heirs. Creating a well-crafted, detailed will can save your loved ones considerable time, money and headache during the probate process.

In Kentucky, a will may contain:

  • A designated executor of your estate who will ensure that the provisions of your will are carried out
  • A named personal guardian for your minor children (if applicable)
  • A designated person to manage any property that you have left to your minor children until they reach adulthood (if applicable)

Many estate plans also include one or more trusts. A trust is a highly customizable legal instrument to help you pass property and assets to intended heirs and beneficiaries without disclosing the details of your estate in the public record. If created correctly, a trust can minimize tax liabilities, eliminate or reduce the need for probate and allow you to specify how and when your assets are distributed.

Our Estate Planning Services Promote Peace Of Mind For You And Your Beneficiaries

A good estate plan should address issues you may face if you become incapacitated, detailing the funding of your long-term care needs. During your initial consultation, we would discuss the following tools and processes:

  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Living wills
  • Trusts
  • Medicaid planning

Every estate plan is different, but yours should cover any contingencies you may face. We can advise you on legal solutions that will best benefit you and your loved ones.

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