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How Will Complex Assets Be Divided In Your Divorce?

Families with higher levels of household wealth typically face more complexity when getting divorced. The problems associated with complex asset division are certainly solvable, but not just any lawyer is up to the job.

At Wilson, Stavros, Rowsey & Thomas, we bring decades of family law experience to each client. We do not hesitate to take on cases involving complex property division, and we work diligently to honor any specific asset protection needs that our clients have.

What Can You Expect Post-Divorce?

Divorce can sometimes make finances considerably tighter, but primarily in situations where the couple was already struggling financially. If you and your spouse currently enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without much in the way of financial concern, there’s no reason this needs to change after divorce.

Our attorneys are committed to helping clients maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to after divorce, and we have both the experience and knowledge to achieve this goal most of the time. Kentucky is an equitable distribution state, meaning that marital assets should be divided equitably between both spouses. While this isn’t the same thing as a perfectly equal division, it nonetheless means that you have the right to expect a fair share of the marital assets in divorce.

Common Issues In Divorces Involving Complex Assets

As you already know, assets are not just limited to what’s in your bank account. A total calculation of net worth often encompasses a diverse portfolio of assets – some of which are not easy to liquidate or split.

Here are some of the common issues that arise in divorce involving complex assets:

  • What to do with the marital residence
  • Dividing other real estate holdings
  • Protection of a family-owned business
  • Family trusts
  • Obtaining and cataloging complex financial documents
  • Analyzing marital debt
  • Interpreting, abiding by or challenging prenuptial agreements

Many firms are not well-suited to these types of cases. But we are ready to guide you through the entire process with experience and skill, ensuring that your interests are protected.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With A Seasoned Family Law Attorney

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