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What is black ice?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Personal injury |

When cold temperatures, snow and ice move into the area, it’s imperative to change the way you drive. Doing so doesn’t guarantee your safety, but it definitely helps.

Black ice is one of the top driving hazards of the winter season. As the name suggests, this is ice on the roadway that you can’t see. It simply blends in with the surface.

What causes black ice to form?

Imagine a situation in which it snowed overnight. However, during the following day, the sun melted some of the snow, thus resulting in the road becoming wet.

Now, when the evening hours arrive, the temperature drops and the road begins to freeze. At that point, black ice has the potential to form on the roadway.

What can you do about black ice?

As noted above, the primary issue with black ice is the inability to easily see it. As a result, you could hit a slippery patch without notice, thus resulting in losing control of your vehicle.

When you know black ice is a possibility, it’s critical to slow down. Even if other drivers are ignoring the conditions, you shouldn’t join them.

Speaking of other drivers, these are the people you have to worry about. While you’re taking steps to protect against losing control of your vehicle, they may be driving like conditions are ideal.

Should another driver cause a traffic accident, turn your immediate attention to any injuries. You should also call 911 so that a police officer and ambulance respond to the scene. If you do get injured in a crash, be sure to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to explore next steps.