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Is driving slower actually safer?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Personal injury |

We know that speeding can be dangerous and lead to car accidents. It can also make the injuries in those accidents more severe. This is why there are speed limits, which are designed to protect motorists and others and not just a tactic to increase revenue for the police department.

But is driving slower is actually safer? Speed limit laws make it appear this way, but what does the science say?

Slow drivers cause accidents

One study claimed that going 10 mph under the speed limit actually leads to more accidents than going 10 mph over that limit. In fact, someone who is driving 45 mph in a zone where the limit is 55 mph has a greater chance of being involved in an accident than another driver who is going 65 mph.

This doesn’t mean you should speed, though. What it really shows is that the best way to avoid accidents is just to drive at the same speed as the cars around you. Going too fast or too slow is more dangerous than just moving along with the flow of traffic. That’s the best way to really stay safe.

Common injuries from car accidents

Of course, even knowing this doesn’t mean that another driver can’t injure you. If this happens, you may wish to seek compensation for the injuries that you suffer in the crash. Your personal injury attorney can seek lost wages, costs of medical treatment, pain and suffering and other torts.