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Watch for the red flags of a dangerous driver up ahead

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Personal injury | 0 comments

If you’re traveling in Kentucky, then you’ve probably seen your fair share of dangerous drivers. They may speed on the highway, cut you off in traffic or stick to traffic laws that aren’t shared between Kentucky and the bordering states.

Do you know the red flags of a dangerous driver? If you don’t, it’s a good idea to know what to look out for, so that you can avoid getting into a collision with them. Although it’s all people’s responsibility to be safe on the roads, taking precautions may help you even when others aren’t being safe.

Red flag 1: The driver is weaving in and out of traffic

Drivers who weave in and out of traffic are dangerous because they are usually speeding and traveling too closely to others. If you see a driver like this, slow down to allow them to pass. If you can get their license plate number, you can call the police to have them check on the driver to see if there is a problem.

Red flag 2: The driver can’t stay on the road

Whether it’s a medical problem, drunkenness or just being tired, a driver who isn’t able to stay in the lines or on the road is a risk to everyone. Rumble strips are placed along the roads to vibrate vehicles that cross them, which may be enough to wake up someone who has dozed off, but they don’t always work. Call 911 if you see someone going on and off the road because they’re a real hazard to themselves and others.

Red flag 3: The driver has road rage

Finally, look for signs of road rage. This could be a driver who is screaming at others or who is revving unnecessarily in traffic. They may be tailgating or brake-checking others, too. Their actions are extremely dangerous, so report them when you can safely do so. Until then, consider pulling off the road, moving over to allow them to pass or slowing down so that there is more space between your vehicles.

These red flags are signs that a driver is not being safe. A bad driver could cause a serious or fatal collision, so be cautious around them. Remember that you can call 911 to get help if there is a dangerous driver creating a hazard.