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Shoulder injuries and car crashes: 3 common problems

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Personal injury | 0 comments

Many debilitating injuries can result from a car crash. One of those is a shoulder injury. 

Such an injury can significantly impair your ability to function, whether it’s at work, at leisure or just as you go about performing everyday tasks in your home. Some shoulder injuries are more common than others.

3 of the more serious shoulder injuries

The most common — and serious — shoulder injuries that you may experience in a wreck include:

  1. Torn rotator cuff: Four different muscles comprise the rotator cuff. It’s quite possible for any impact injury, such as the blunt force of an auto accident, to result in this painful injury. It may leave patients with pain, which worsens anytime you apply weight to or move your shoulder.
  2. Radicular pain: One injury may give way to another one. That’s the case with a whiplash, which may initially start in the head or neck, but ultimately gravitate toward your shoulders and back. The newfound pain may then travel into the arms and hands.
  3. Bone fractures: A shoulder or collarbone fracture can significantly impact your ability to utilize your corresponding arm. Swelling often accompanies broken bones, which can further limit the movement of your corresponding arm.

Kentucky subscribes to the no-fault auto insurance doctrine, which generally would require a motorist to file a claim with their own insurer after an accident. We’re also a choice no-fault state, though too. This allows you to decline participation in the no-fault system, meaning you might be able to hold the negligent motorist who struck you liable for your injuries. 

The amount of compensation that you may be able to recover in an accident case is contingent upon your ability to show the other party’s liability for your injuries. Experienced guidance can help you sort through your legal options.