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Can Divorce Impact Your Career?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Divorce | 0 comments

Spouses facing an imminent divorce likely have many questions. Simply understanding what to do to further the process can be difficult to grasp amidst such turmoil. To help, many people seek relief from the situation by focusing elsewhere, like on work. For these people, understanding how their divorce may impact their careers is exceptionally important.

People going through a divorce should watch for the following potential complications at work.

10 Ways Divorce Affects Job Performance

In many ways, going through a divorce is like healing through an extended illness. The stress one can incur through marriage dissolution proceedings can often feel like a physical ailment and may have similar symptoms. However you may feel, remember that it is illegal for an employer to fire you for getting a divorce.

Ashland residents may see their divorce creep into the workplace in the following ways:

  • Disruptions to regular hours. Divorce is a long process, with negotiations and other important meetings potentially occurring during regular business hours, requiring you to take more time off work than usual.
  • Sensitivity to stress. Though solving work problems can provide some much-needed catharsis, engaging in challenging tasks may result in overreactions to stress. Take things easy when you can.
  • Difficulty working with others. Some people may find comfort in working with others in a group project. Others may be overly irritable and difficult. Many divorcees seek counseling to combat these complications.
  • Access to public records. Depending on the circumstances of your relationship and divorce, your private concerns may become a matter of public record. Your boss, a journalist, or even a competitor can request access to the official transcripts, potentially setting up embarrassing situations at work.
  • An urge to quit. For some people, the pressure of work only exacerbates the emotional turmoil of divorce. Quitting your job can feel freeing, but this relief will not last. You’re much better off seeking accommodations from your manager than attempting to find a new job.

There are other ways that divorce can invade the workplace. When facing these legal challenges, an attorney can help sort through the noise and help guide you toward a resolution that works.

A Divorce Can Be A New Beginning

Though divorce marks the end of a phase of your life, it is also an opportunity for a fresh start. Many experience more success at work after their divorce, as they worry much less about problems in their marriage. With careful consideration and practiced guidance, you can mitigate the risks divorce may have on your career and move forward with success.