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5 things to consider in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Divorce | 0 comments

Going through a divorce when you have children requires you to think carefully about what the children need. The parenting plan you have set is what you’ll follow for all things related to the children. 

It includes several things. Understanding a few points about the parenting plan may help to reduce your stress as you go through this part of the divorce.

1. The past doesn’t matter

What happened to end the marriage doesn’t matter during child custody negotiations. The only exception to this is if there’s something that puts the children in danger. Abuse and neglect should be considered if it affects the children.

2. Parenting teams provide stability

If you and your ex can work as a parenting team, the children will likely have more stability. They’ll see that both parents are doing what’s necessary for them.

3. Communication is important

Setting the standards for communication helps both adults know what to expect. Communication should always be directly between you and your ex. Never have the children pass messages back and forth. 

4. More than one schedule is necessary

You should have a master parenting time schedule to follow most of the year. You also need a schedule that covers holidays. Another one for school breaks, including summer, should also be set. 

5. Modification is possible

Anyone who’s working out child custody matters should ensure they try to get it all situated as quickly as possible so the kids can have stability. Working with someone familiar with these situations is beneficial because they can help you to find creative solutions to issues that might creep up. Remember, modification in the future is possible as the child’s needs change.