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Choosing the right motorcycle helmet

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Personal injury | 0 comments

In Kentucky, riders over the age of 21 have a choice of whether or not they wear a motorcycle helmet. Despite having the freedom to choose, many motorcyclists still opt to wear one. Research shows that helmets do save lives.

If you’re new to riding or your old helmet is in need of replacement, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices on the market. Outlined below are tips that could help you narrow it down and find the right helmet for you.

Choosing a style

There are various styles of motorcycle helmets out there. Full face helmets are very popular, but they do have drawbacks. Modular helmets are another variation that are particularly popular with those who ride off road. The style you choose should depend on where you plan to ride the most. If you’re riding on the roads, then a full face helmet may offer you the most protection.

Finding the right fit

Before you even step into the store, it is wise to get an accurate measurement of your head. If you can’t do this at home, then staff at the store will probably be more than happy to help you out. Ensuring that your helmet is the right fit is not only important for comfort, but it helps ensure your safety. A helmet that is going to come off at the first sign of trouble doesn’t offer you the protection that you need.

It’s beneficial if you can wear the helmet for more than 30 minutes to ensure that it ticks all of the right boxes. Some stores will allow you a trial run, or they may at least have a return policy that means you can get a refund if the helmet becomes uncomfortable after a longer period of time.

Finding the right helmet for you is only one aspect of motorcycle safety. Sadly, despite your protective equipment, you could still be injured by a negligent driver. In such a scenario. Make sure you look into your legal options.