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What happens when an at-fault driver flees after a crash?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Personal injury | 0 comments

Countless minor traffic mistakes can cause major collisions in Kentucky. Someone distracted for a few seconds could swerve into oncoming traffic and cause a head-on collision. One motorist’s failure to utilize a turn signal might be all it takes for a crash to shut down the busiest intersection in a neighborhood for several hours.

For many crashes that occur in Kentucky, the fault for the accident is obvious. Someone conducted an inappropriate maneuver or failed to do what they should, resulting in a preventable wreck. The at-fault driver will typically have financial responsibility to the other people involved. Their insurance policy would help cover vehicle repair costs and medical bills.

Not everybody stops to identify themselves and check on the other people involved in a crash. Those who cause collisions sometimes flee the scene of the crash, even though Kentucky law requires that they stop and report the matter to authorities. What can someone do if a driver who causes a wreck leaves the scene of the collision?

They should comply with state law

Kentucky’s statutes require that motorists stop and report an incident. The other driver’s inability to comply with that rule does not absolve the other people involved of their reporting requirements. After a hit-and-run crash, people need to file a police report if they have any hope of recovering the losses they might suffer.

The police may be able to locate the driver at fault

Hospital admission records, body shop repair invoices and traffic camera footage can all play a role and helping law enforcement track down drivers who cause hit-and-run crashes. When the police find the driver at fault for the wreck, the people affected will have several options. They can potentially pursue an insurance claim, but they may also need to consider a lawsuit. In scenarios where someone doesn’t have insurance or has a very small policy and caused a very serious wreck, civil litigation against the driver who fled the scene of the crash could help people recover their expenses.

Unfortunately, those involved in unsolved hit-and-run crashes may have very few options. Those with expanded car insurance, including uninsured motorist protection or collision coverage as required by a financing company, might be able to use their own coverage to pay for some of their costs. Trying to negotiate an insurance claim, file a lawsuit or follow up on a police investigation can all be difficult tasks for those trying to recover after a hit-and-run collision. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to seek legal guidance before losing hope. Sometimes, there are solutions available that are not immediately apparent.